Bullet Echo India Game Review: A Fresh Perspective

Bullet Echo India, a tactical top-down shooter, offers a unique gaming experience for casual players who are looking for an alternative to the abundance of battle royale titles flooding the market.

Krafton, alongside ZeptoLab, has ventured into the gaming market with the release of Bullet Echo India, a multiplayer PvP tactical top-down shooter. Unlike Krafton’s renowned battle royale title, this game presents a new gaming experience tailored for a distinct group of players. Bullet Echo India Game Review by Tryhardsports.

Bullet Echo India Game Review

Bullet Echo India Game Review:

Bullet Echo India falls within the same gaming genre as Hunter Assassin, showcasing its unique attributes. This article serves as your guide to evaluating its compatibility with your gaming preferences.

Bullet Echo India: Details

Bullet Echo India, akin to Hunter Assassin, immerses players in a world where they begin equipped with weapons, scavenge for essential items such as ammo, health packs, and armoure, and engage in intense combat to secure victory, mirroring the gameplay objectives of BGMI.

As you keep clearing stages, you will earn coins which you can use to power up. 

Five main game modes gradually unlock Battle Royale, King of the Hill, Squad Vs Squad, Sabotage, and Mimicry.

Bullet Echo India: Gameplay

The gameplay delivers a satisfying experience, requiring players to gather resources by exploring the area before engaging enemies, emphasizing the importance of reloading to avoid vulnerability when encountering foes.

Upon identifying an enemy presence, swiftly orient your character’s line of sight towards the target and ensure proximity within the firearm’s operational range. The firing mechanism will seamlessly engage, executing a series of automatic shots, relegating player intervention unnecessary unless strategic repositioning is warranted.

The pacing disparity between Hunter Assassin and Bullet Echo India is evident, with the latter’s character movement feeling notably sluggish. Implementing incremental speed adjustments could transform the gaming experience into something truly exceptional.

Bullet Echo India Game Review

Operate the game in landscape mode with the left-sided on-screen joystick for character movement. Interact with various icons across the map, representing items such as ammo and health, by guiding the joystick over them until your character acknowledges and accepts them.

As your character endeavours to accept items, notice the luminous dot that morphs into a circle. This metamorphosis indicates the successful acquisition of the specific item, rendering it usable in the match.

Bullet Echo India: Graphics

The game presents an isometric view, featuring graphics of decent quality. While not reaching the heights of BGMI’s attention to detail, they remain suitable for the genre.

The game is not too big on the phone due to the graphics being non-HD. Since the app was light, very few to no lags were encountered in the game. The app will consume a space of around 300MB on your phone.

Bullet Echo India: Rating

Krafton‘s recent offering provides a straightforward gaming experience, suitable for casual players or individuals seeking a low-key way to pass the time, although it may not satisfy hardcore gamers.

Bullet Echo has managed to captivate a distinct audience compared to its predecessor. In terms of targeting this specific user base, Krafton has indeed achieved success with the game.

Final Rating: 7/10

Bullet Echo India Game Review:

Bullet Echo India is available to play for free via Google Play and App Store. This game supports in-app purchases.

Bullet Echo India Rating

Decent graphics - 6
Easy controls - 8
User-Friendly UI - 7
Storage consuming - 9
Slower gameplay - 4.5
Automatic controlled-focus - 2


The Good

  • Decent Graphics, Easy controls

The Bad

  • Slower gameplay, Automatic Controls

User Rating: 5 ( 1 votes)

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