ZLaner trolls Twitch, cosplays as banned Dr Disrespect in World Series of Warzone

For the $1.2 million World Series of Warzone event, every player went live on Twitch, and ZLaner decided to show his love towards Dr Disrespect by cosplaying as the Two-Time and bringing his spirit back to the video streaming giant Twitch.

Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch last year in June 2020 for mysterious reasons. Until now nobody, including Doc himself apparently, has any idea why he was banned.

ZLaner, who usually streams on the Facebook Gaming platform but headed to Twitch once again for this Twitch Rivals event — decided to show love with his brother & Drippin in Heat teammate on the battlefield by showing up as the Dr Disrespect.

While ZLaner and his trio partners ClutchBelk and Destroy put in an incredible performance to come in eighth place, it was his appearance that got people talking when tuning into his stream.

While attempting to Dr Disrespect’s voice, ZLaner shared a message with his thousands of viewers at the time, explaining why he was doing it.

“We had to put a little bit of respect on somebody’s name,” he said. “Someone that we all may know, that can’t really do this himself over here. But we’re going to be doing it here today for him.”


Of course, as the tournament was run by Twitch Rivals, Dr Disrespect was unable to play in it due to his ban, and since ZLaner doesn’t usually stream on the platform he wouldn’t be too worried about any potential repercussion.

So not only did ZLaner and co. go toe-to-toe with the very best, he also brought the spirit of the Doc back to Twitch in the process. Maybe soon we’ll know what really went down.


Verma Shubham

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