The Esports Club LG Ultragear PUBG PC Streamer Invitational to kick off this weekend

The Esports Club is back with the PUBG PC Streamer Invitational tournament in collaboration with LG Ultragear. The event will run from July 24th to June 25th.

The Esports Club is one of India’s most renowned esports organizations, having hosted some exciting tournaments over the last few months in Valorant, Apex Legends, and Rainbow Six Siege. This time, they are back with the PUBG PC tournament.

16 streamers will battle it out for the title in the

LG Ultragear PUBG PC Streamer Invitational

PUBG PC was one of the most popular games in PC esports in India over the last few years. However, the number of tournaments has gradually decreased.

The Esports Club is trying to bring back the excitement of the battleground once again. They have uploaded a trailer for the event as well. The caption reads:

“Time to head back to the Battlegrounds! Watch 16 of the biggest streamers compete for glory this weekend in the LG Ultragear Streamer Invitational! Who do you think will come out victorious?”

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Swayambika “Sway”

  • The 16 invited streamers for the PUBG PC Streamer Invitational were:
  • Shobith “Tbone” Rai
  • Rohan “Hydraflick” Ledwani
  • Nikhil “Bloodline” Sirohi
  • Saloni “Meow16K” Pawar
  • Mrinmoy “Beg4mercy” Lahkar
  • Raman Chopra
  • Ayan “Rebel” Ali
  • Abhijit “RoboTM” Sadhu
  • Prabhakaran “MidfailYT” P
  • Swayambika “Sway”
  • Mithul “Bink69” Nayak
  • Asish “Lord Bathura” Madineni
  • Abhishek “Mackle” Sharma
  • Ankkita Chauhan
  • Rishab “Rakazone” Karanwal
  • These 16 streamers will drop onto the battleground and compete for the crown at the PUBG PC Streamer Invitational. All of them are also partnered with LG Ultragear, the title sponsor of this tournament.
  • Ishaan Arya, the co-founder of The Esports Club, said:
  • “We’re very excited to be working on an event for PUBG PC with LG Ultragear and their partnered streamers. PUBG PC was one of the original games that really helped PC esports and streaming take off in India, so it’s great to see all the excitement around it once again!”
  • The tournament will begin tomorrow and will last for two days. Fans are eagerly waiting to see some of their favorite streamers back in some PUBG action.

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