Team Anarchy won COD Mobile World Championship 2021: Regional finale, Europe

The COD Mobile World Championship 2021: Europe Playoffs has ended. In the finals, Team Anarchy defeated Stamina Esports to win the championship.

championship.While the odds were stacked against Anarchy, they came out on top to take home the regional championship. The MVP for the event was Anarchy’s Quique, with 363 frags and a respawn kill ratio of 1.42.

Stamina Esports had an exceptional start as they beat three teams to win the upper bracket finals of this COD Mobile event. In contrast, Anarchy fell short in their second round. As a result of their semifinal defeat to Oxygen Esports, Anarchy was demoted to the lower bracket.

Two wins in the lower brackets allowed them to reach the lower bracket finals, where they met Oxygen again. The momentum was with Anarchy as they whitewashed their previous vanquishers.

Due to STMN winning the upper bracket finals, the grand finals was stacked against Anarchy, as to win the tournament, they needed to defeat STMN twice. They pulled this feat off in the end with aplomb.

  • Match standings (All matches were played in a best-of-five format):

Match 1: Team Anarchy vs STMN Esports: 3-1

Map 2: Standoff — Search and Destroy — 6-4

Map 3: Firing Range — Domination — 150-48

Map 4: Summit — Hardpoint — 150-48

  • Match 2: Team Anarchy vs STMN Esports: 3-0

Map 1: Summit — Hardpoint — 150-148

Map 2: Firing Range — Search and Destroy — 6-2

Map 3: Raid — Domination — 150-123

Prize pool distribution of COD Mobile: Regional Playoffs EU

The prize pool of the regional playoffs was $50,000.

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