Roze operator to be removed from the Call of Duty: Warzone?


COD: Warzone players are unhappy with the Rook skin of the operator Roze, with some calling for the skin to be removed from the game.

roze warzone

roze warzone call of duty

The Roze operator skin came under questions again after Twitter user Tonialtair posted a tweet of one squad that was involved in the recent Warzone match.
The clip shows all of the operators using the Rook skin, he asked the developers “to take this skin out of the Warzone map”.

How to get Roze operator in COD: Warzone?

rook skin cod warzone

rook skin cod warzone

Currently, you can purchase the Roze operator bundle from the Call of Duty Warzone’s store. If you have already unlocked the operator through the Battle Pass, then you just need to complete a few challenges to get an operator skin that is very similar to Roze’s Rook skin.

  • Blind enemies two times using a Flash Grenade with Roze as your Allegiance Operator.
  • In Warzone, pick up three weapons with Roze as your Allegiance Operator.

Added to the game last year in Call of Duty Modern Warfare‘s Season Five, Roze is a popular operator in Call of Duty Warzone that has received various skins throughout the different seasons of the game.

roze warzone call of duty

roze warzone call of duty

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