Pokimane thinks sub counts are greedy?

Pokimane thinks sub counts are greedy?

Pokimane said-

speaking on the idea of having sub goals despite having a ridiculous amount of sub so for example let’s think you have 50k subs huge streamer and your goal on stream is 51k she has a little bit of a problem with that and doesn’t think streamers should necessarily be using those sort of marketing techniques i think the highest like sub count i’ve ever showcased on my stream as like hey guys help me get this get to this goal is maybe two three k like two or three thousand subs people who have like 50k subs and there’s and they’re like let’s get 51k i really i hate.


Pokimane saying potentially controversial stuff or telling people what to do but i do personally find that a little bit off-putting to think like you make so much money and you must be very very well aware of this as being such an easy and clear marketing tactic to try to convince people to give you even more money that’s crazy is that really necessary it’s not necessary i guess the other thing for me is like there’s there’s like there’s greediness

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