Payal Dhaare, Aka Payal Gaming Opens Up On Being Trolled And Body-Shamed

Check out when the gaming content creator Payal Dhaare, Aka Payal Gaming, revealed how people trolled and body-shamed her when the gamer slowly became famous.

Payal Dhaare, aka Payal Gaming, the name is known now. The female gamer has worked hard and gained a name in the gaming industry. The 20-year-old gamer started her career during the lockdown and slowly but steadily obtain popularity through these two years. The gamer now has more than 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Payal started playing PUBG during her first year of college. And later, when the COVID-19 pandemic happened, she started streaming live on YouTube. Initially, she did reveal her face to her audience due to a lack of confidence. But when she gained self-esteem, she started interacting with fans and the audience confidently.

While in an interview with Indian Express, the gamer Payal Dhaare revealed that it is easier when you just start doing things. People support and help you grow. But once you become popular, the scenario changes. The gamer said, “It was in fact easier when I had fewer subscribers because, in the beginning, everyone shows support for a new streamer, they also appreciate and motivate you. But once your growth is very high or too fast, the haters also arrive and so does the negativity. I have faced a lot of this criticism as well. A lot of it is around how ‘oh, she’s a good-looking girl; that’s why she has followers.’”

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