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New scorestreak Lightning Strike and Grasshopper class: Call of Duty, Mobile season 8

COD Mobile recently opened a public test server for Season 8 where multiple players can check out the upcoming content in the game and provide valuable feedback. 

The devs will use this feedback to deliver the content in its best state in the massive second-anniversary update that drops today.


A lot of new content was revealed in this test server. While it has not been confirmed if all of these features will be added next season, COD Mobile players can expect most of them to be on the roadmap for Season 8.

A new scorestreak and battle royale class have been spotted. The Lightning Strike will be available in the Battle Pass for next season while the battle royale class is expected to be added as a reward in Featured events.

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New multiplayer scorestreak in COD Mobile – Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike is the latest scorestreak to be added to COD Mobile next season. The scorestreak is a combination of Cluster Strike and Napalm, as players can choose three different spots on the map where it will rain down missiles at the same time. While Napalm only works in a straight line, Lightning Strike can be dropped at any three points on the map.

Currently the test server shows that players are required to collect 1050 points to activate the Lightning Strike in a match. However, considering its usage and dynamic capability, players can expect it will cost higher than that.

Lightning Strike might well go on to become a meta scorestreak next season. It can be used to defend two flags at the same time in Domination matches. Similarly, it can also allow COD Mobile players to spawn trap opponents while the team takes on the objective.

New Battle Class – Grasshopper

Players will also be treated to a new class in Battle Royale, which will be known as Grasshopper. Living up to its name, players will be able to hop around the map with jumps of minimal height with the help of a rechargeable Jet Pack.

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