Empowered Bodies: Unveiling India’s Top 5 Female Bodybuilding Icons

Dive into the world of Indian female bodybuilding as we spotlight the strength, dedication, and empowerment of these incredible women. In this video, discover the stories and achievements of the 5 famous female bodybuilders who are redefining fitness norms in India.

Earlier only men used to do wrestling, but today women are also doing body building. “Empowered Bodies: Unveiling India’s Top 5 Female Bodybuilding Icons!”

Yashmeen Chauhan

Yashmin Chauhan is India’s top female bodybuilder. 40-year-old Yashmeen hails from Gurgaon but currently lives in Mumbai. Yashmeen has won the IFBB Pro Card (๐™„๐™๐˜ฝ๐˜ฝ ). She Won Gold Medal (Ms Olympia 2018 Gold) in Olympia 2018.

ndia's Top 5 Female Bodybuilding

People used to Taunt

Yashmin had told during the interview that she was taunted many times that she looked like a man. But she always used to ignore these comments and focused only on her work, career and hard work. Today, Yashmeen is one of the best female fitness coaches and professional bodybuilders in India, who trains many high-profile clients and celebrities.

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Sonali Swami

Sonali Swamy from India is an international fitness athlete. She is also a professional bodybuilder and fitness coach. Sonali is very fond of dance and she is also a professional dancer. She did fitness certification and also made a career in fitness.

ndia's Top 5 Female Bodybuilding
Sonali Swami

Received many awards

Sonali Swamy has won medals in many competitions like Asian Championship 2016, Body Power India, and Musclemania India 2014. She is a housewife. She has achieved this success by creating a balance between career and family

Shweta Mehta

Shweta Mehta is a fitness model and Indian bodybuilder. She has also won competitions like Geral Classic and Woman Fitness Model. Shweta has also been the winner of Roadies season 15.

Shweta Mehta

There were 7 fractures in the accident

In a 2019 accident, Shweta had 7 fractures in her neck and 3 bones of her spinal cord were also broken. After months of bed rest, Shweta did not lose courage and again got the same fitness as before.

Ankita singh

Ankita Singh hails from the Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh. She is a software engineer. She had joined aerobics class in school days, due to which he was inclined towards fitness. According to the information, she started going to the gym to overcome depression after a heartbreak during her college days, and since then she had decided to make a career in fitness.

ndia's Top 5 Female Bodybuilding
Ankita singh

Body Building Competition

She has participated in and won many bodybuilding competitions like Asian Championship 2015, Miss India 2021, and Miss Karnataka 2018. 2019. 2021.

Deepika Chowdhury

Deepika Chaudhary is a professional athlete, bodybuilder and powerlifter. She is currently a Technical Officer at the National Institute of Virology (Pune).

ndia's Top 5 Female Bodybuilding
Deepika Chowdhury

First Lady IFBB Pro

Deepika Chaudhary is India’s first woman IFBB Pro Winner. She has also won many bodybuilding competitions. It took her 2 years to tone his body.

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