Kyootbot is back on Twitch with Speed Dating Viewers

Twitch is best known for gaming streams, but all kinds of livestreaming content is made popular on the site, and one streamer, Kyootbot, is making waves with her very own fast forward dating show on Amazon owned live streaming platform.

Kyootbot instagram

Before, Austin have done shows like ‘love or host’, Kyootbot has put herself at the center of attention, and it’s a style of content that is clearly working for her and growing her Twitch channel rapidly.

Simply called ‘Speed Dating Viewers’, Kyootbot has increased her following massively in the past month and

  • Kyootbot is regularly attracting over 3,000 concurrent viewers, some of whom hope of being on the show.

Kyootbot’s Dating video clip

Kyootbot’s rise on Twitch

Following a lengthy ban from the platform that was caused by a mistake from Twitch itself, Kyootbot was unbanned in July. At that time, she had just over 68,000 followers to her channel.

Kyootbot instagram

Only a few months later, that number has almost doubled, gaining over 40,000 followers in the past month alone. Her average viewership has spiked to over 3,000, a 130% increase, statistics show.

And all this is thanks for a very simple, but effective and repeatable format, where viewers can join her discord for the chance to speed date.
The game is fast too, with hopeful viewers only given 7 minutes to impress Kyootbot and the chat, who then get the option to extend or end it with a chat poll.

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However, inviting random individuals onto a stream to talk and appear on camera can be risky, as any potential community guidelines violations that these viewers commit could result in action taken against the channel itself
Much like streaming in real life, it’s impossible to control the actions of strangers, some of whom might be out to get the streamer. As Kyootbot’s channel continues to grow, and her speed dating show becomes more well-known, the number of trolls trying to ruin it will grow too.


t’s been a big hit, and has Kyootbot well on her way to reaching 200,000 followers on the platform. Speed dating isn’t a new trend on Twitch yet, but it could be the next big thing.


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