How to Unlock Emergence Pack: Apex Legends

With a new Season of Apex underway, Season 10: Emergence, Respawn is dropping new content for players to upgrade their loadouts and customization. As with each season, you can pick up the season ‘pack’, with a skin for Seer, and some bonus Apex Coins.

Seer is the new fashionable character for the season and has launched very strong – although will be nerfed soon. But, if you want to rock him in style, you can pick up an exclusive skin with the Emergence pack.

  • Similar to past seasons, these packs only include two items: the skin and 600 coins. But, given the price, it’s a bargain, compared to buying a rare skin and coins in-game.

Emergence Pack: Price & Release Date

The Emergence pack released on August 12, so is available now on all platforms.

For players in the US, the pack will cost $4.99 from your platform’s store – or $4.49 if you are an EA Play member. For this, you get:

  • Curtain Call Seer Skin
  • 600 Apex Coins
Emergence Pack

How to get Emergence Pack in Apex Legends

The pack is available for players on all platforms, through the digital stores. So, follow these steps depending on your system of choice.

Log onto your system’s digital storefront
Navigate to Apex Legends > add ons, or simply search for Apex Legends Mayhem Pack
Purchase the pack and download it
It will be available in your inventory next time you load up Apex Legends
The pack is available now on the following platforms:

  • Microsoft (Xbox)
  • PlayStation Store
  • Origin
  • Steam
  • Nintendo Switch (eShop)

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