‘Come alone by the pool at 10 pm’, Sara Taylor sent 12 private messages to Ravindra Jadeja in 1 hour

Well, there is more than one player present in the Indian cricket team. Who has ruled the whole world in a very short time. And has created a distinct identity of its own. One of which is Ravindra Jadeja, the famous all-rounder player of today’s cricket world.

Who is one of the best all-rounders in the whole world today. In today’s time there will be no such person who does not know Jadeja. Be it Test cricket, ODI cricket or T20 cricket in the field, Jadeja has pleased everyone with his bowling, batting and fielding in all formats.

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Would like to tell that if the fans of this player open the list, then the list will be very long. But there is one such name in this list, which is very special. And this name is not like that, but it is England’s female cricketer player Sarah Taylor. Who likes Jadeja very much.

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Let us tell you that just some time ago, the chats of both the conversations went viral very fast. And came in a lot of discussions. Would like to tell that during this time Sara had made 12 tweets to Jadeja in about 1 hour. Let us tell you that on the night of 7 April, Jadeja sent the first tweet to Sara.

After which there was continuous talk between the two for about one and a half hours. And during this time Sara sent about 12 messages to Jadeja one after the other. However, in the meantime, Jadeja had sent the first message to Sara, which was personal and then later Sara thanked Jadeja and inquired about her condition. But these things were going on in their lives, then after a while both of them understood that all the people are watching these things of theirs. And then Sara tweeted Jadeja and wrote that they are seeing me messaging you. You have to follow me to talk in direct message.

And then Sara says that I think these are all your fans. And during this his last message was, tomorrow at 10 o’clock in the bridge. Friends, if we talk about Sarah Taylor’s career, then she is one of the most successful women players in England.

Sara scored 4056 runs in about 126 ODIs. Se has scored 2177 runs in the same 90 T20 matches. Apart from this, Sara has also played 10 Test matches for England. However, not only this, but before Jadeja, Sara’s name has also been associated with former Indian team captain Virat Kohli.

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