Call of Duty: Warzone pro-Aydan joins Newyork Sub Liners

Breaking News- Aydan joins Newyork Sub Liners.

It’s a huge surprise coming from Aydan’s side as Aydan joins Newyork Sub Liners the number one pro player who recently overtook HusKerrs in terms of COD: Warzone earnings. People are quite surprised as well because most of them were guessing Aydan will choose La thieves, NRG or Faze, but today Aydan make it official on his live stream on TWITCH.
Before Newyork Sub Liners Aydan was part of Ghost.

Aydan overtook Huskerrs in terms of cod earnings
aydan nysl

Aydan said the reason he joined NYSL is: “When I talked to NYSL they feel like family and with them, I can feel more competitive for upcoming Tournaments, they will help me for long as a streamer, getting merchandise on the line, fan meetups and once the covid done, I will be there in CDL events as well.”

With Aydan NYSL jumping directly to Call of Duty: Warzone tournaments as writing now they only have competitive teams for CDL & Valorant team.

The number 1 Call of Duty: Warzone earner now is in NYSL’s side what do you think?


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