BJP’s big announcement, every child born on PM Modi’s birthday will get a gold ring, knowing the price will blow his senses

As you all would know that in the year 2014, Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of the country and since then his popularity has increased continuously, in such a situation his fans are always seen praying for him! On the other hand, if it is about his birthday, then the people of the country celebrate him very well!

In such a situation, now once again the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come and in such a situation, an atmosphere of celebration is being created inside the country and gifts are being showered for the people. Have given!

The news is being received that BJP has made a big announcement in Tamil Nadu and under this, children born on the birthday of Prime Minister Modi will be given a gold ring, along with it is being told that the weight of this ring has to be up to 2 grams and Each ring will cost around ₹5000!


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