After Harbhajan Singh’s retirement, the pain of the spill, said “Dhoni did not talk directly to the face”

There have been some players in Indian cricket who have left their mark in the whole world with their game. Due to this, Indian cricket is given a very high status in the present time. One such player is Harbhajan Singh. Everyone knows Harbhajan Singh in today’s time because Harbhajan Singh has performed very well for the team in his career so far and has always given his 100%.

Harbhajan Singh is a big name in the world of cricket. Talking about Harbhajan Singh, he used to play the role of a bowler in the Indian team. As a bowler, Harbhajan Singh has taken a lot of wickets in every format of cricket for the Indian team. This is the reason that in today’s time Harbhajan Singh has a very big name. Recently, Harbhajan Singh has retired from every format of cricket. After retiring recently, Harbhajan Singh spoke a lot for Mahendra Singh Dhoni, due to which he says that Dhoni did not answer his questions and did not even talk directly. Due to this, at present everyone is talking about Dhoni and Harbhajan Singh. Let us tell you why Harbhajan Singh spoke such a big thing about Dhoni.

Harbhajan Singh did not get along with Dhoni, after retiring he told himself

There are some people in the world of cricket whom everyone knows very well in today’s time. One such player is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Talking about Dhoni, he has no shortage of anything in today’s time, due to which he likes to live his life in a very luxurious and luxurious way. Talking about Dhoni, he is the only captain who has led India to victory in all ICC championships under his captaincy. Recently, Harbhajan Singh, who has been a big player of the Indian team, has said a lot about Dhoni in one of his statements and has told about the relationship between himself and Dhoni. Due to which he says that he (Harbhajan Singh) had asked Dhoni to solve the problem related to cricket, but Dhoni would never answer him, he did not even talk directly to him. After this Harbhajan Singh said that he stopped asking Dhoni that question because Dhoni was insulting him by not answering. Further, in this article, let us tell you about the relationship between Dhoni and Harbhajan Singh.

Harbhajan Singh has retired from cricket, which he has recently announced a few days back. Talking about Harbhajan Singh, he has recently given a big statement to a very big news channel about Dhoni, due to which everyone is talking about him in the present time. Harbhajan Singh says that Dhoni never used to listen to him. Because of which both of them did not get along with each other. Due to this, he did not get to play many matches under Dhoni’s captaincy. Harbhajan Singh further told that even in the 2011 World Cup, he did not get many chances and at the same time he was only included in the team in the Champions Trophy but did not get a chance to play. If spoken in simple words, nothing special was made of Harbhajan Singh and Dhoni.

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