5 best guns in BGMI for aggressive gameplay

BGMI offers engaging in-game elements like high-quality graphics and real-life inspired weapons. In this article you are going to read about top 5 best guns in BGMI.

Players can choose from a plethora of weapons to take on their opponents according to their playstyle. Those who prefer an aggressive playstyle can prioritize assault rifles and sniper rifles.

This article goes over the five best guns for aggressive gameplay in PUBG Mobile Lite.

5 best guns in BGMI

1) M416

The M416 assault rifle is one of the most preferred weapons by players for its ability to dominate close-range and mid-range gunfights. Players can confidently use the M416 weapon at close quarters because of its significant rate of fire and damage per hit. It has a controllable recoil, and with proper grip and practice, players can master mid-range sprays.

2) AKM

The AKM is a renowned weapon for close-range and has significant damage per hit. Players who prefer aggressive gameplay can equip AKM assault rifles as their primary weapons. It uses 7.62mm ammunition and has a maximum ammo capacity of 40 bullets per round.

3) Groza

The Groza is an airdrop-exclusive weapon and is one of the deadliest weapons in PUBG Mobile Lite. The gun is a beast at close-range and can take down an enemy player in an instant. It also uses 7.62mm ammunition and has an impressive fire rate.

4) AWM

The AWM or Arctic Warfare Magnum is a bolt action sniper rifle. It is the only weapon capable of knocking down an enemy player with a level three helmet. Players can equip it from airdrops to get the upper hand in long-range battles. Aggressive players can get a quick knock with AWM and rush into enemy players.

5) DP-28

DP-28 is one of the best weapons for mid-range combat in PUBG Mobile. The weapon uses 7.62mm ammunition with a maximum ammo capacity of 47 bullets per round. It has a decent rate of fire and can knock down an enemy player with a few headshots.


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